3 Things People Need to Stop Doing at Bars (Immediately)

We all go to bars to be social, to drink, and take a load off from a hard days night. But let’s be honest, there’s some people that just do the most obnoxious things while at the bar.

I mean, it’s no secret that when you mix alcohol with people (who often already have fairly questionable behavior) the results can vary. So do us a favor and never commit these 3 super awkward bar behaviors that make owners and patrons want to 86 you.

#1. Talking significantly louder than needed.

Look, we get it – bars can be loud. But you don’t need to raise your voice excessively and start a decibel arms race. Instead of talking louder, simply project your voice using your tonality, and move your mouth slightly closer to the persons ear who you’re trying to communicate with. Trust me when I say that yelling obnoxiously in a bar is never sexy, even if you think it is.

#2. Spilling your drink – (more than once)

Accidents happen. But if you find yourself too inebriated to hold your drink altogether then it’s time for a water bottle and a walk home (hopefully with a good friend). Drink spilling can lead to altercations in a crowded bar scene – something nobody wants.

#3. Check (or Sending) Nudes

Dating has been thrust into the 21ist century with an endless stream of sexts, nudes, and dick pics flying through those shitty little smartphones. But please, check your nudes in at least somewhat of a private location for the sake of the sender – NOT at the bar where 10s if not 100s of people can see your phone. As a bar tender I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen guys opening up x post or snapchat for everyone to see that sexy selfie their girl just sent them. Guys, this is not classy.

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