5 Beer Cocktails That Are Actually Good

When it comes to cocktails, you don’t have to leave the beer out of the equation. But when a lot of people think of drinks where both beer and liquor are involved, they think of chugging drinks like Sake Bombs and Irish Car Bombs.

But let’s be honest, no one really likes to drink those drinks. Sure, they’re fun, but if you want to drink some beer with a little extra kick, you don’t have to drop a shot glass into your beer, chug, and risk getting covered in foam.

There are plenty of beer cocktails that are perfectly sippable and are great for spring and summer parties. Here are a few beer cocktails you’ll actually enjoy drinking:

Bloody Beer

You’ve heard of the Bloody Mary, now get ready for a Bloody Beer. This cocktail is pretty straightforward! It’s like a Bloody Bary except you replace the vodka with a beer.

A Bloody Beer is a great brunch drink or a remedy for the gnarliest of hangovers. They’re easy to drink and a fantastic alternative for the Bloody Mary-drinker.

If you’re feeling like you’d rather be south of the border, try a Michelada instead! All you need is your favorite Mexican beer and a can of Clamato.

Hop Skip and Go Naked

This is probably my favorite item on this list. When it comes to drinking on a hot summer’s day, while camping, or out on the water, a glass of Hop Skip and Go Naked (Skip and Go) is my go to.

Skip and Go is super easy to make. All you need is lemonade, vodka, and beer! I usually prefer to use a hazy, fruity, IPA like Sierra Nevada’s Hazy little thing, as my beer. If you want to up the lemon flavor in this bad boy, opt for a lemon flavored vodka like Deep Eddy’s!

Beware! These are dangerously crushable. Due to the sweet flavor and the high alcohol content you may find yourself more than tipsy after a few of these!

Bulls Eye

Apart from lime and tequila, name a better duo other than lime and beer! I dare you!

You’re going to need a lot of lime juice for this drink, but it’s totally worth it. Mix lime juice, your favorite ginger beer (like Cock and Bull!), a few tablespoons of sugar, and your favorite light beer in a glass with ice!

French Monaco

This drink sure does sound a whole lot fancier than drinking a beer! If you want to up your beer drinking to suit a fancier garden party type event, this will be the best way to do that.

Mix Stella Artois, pomegranate simple syrup, and lemonade in a tall shaker and pour into a chilled glass. Pinkies up!

Summer Hoedown

What pairs better with a summer’s day than watermelon? For me, it doesn’t feel like summer until I’m floating in my pool eating a wedge of watermelon… or until I’m drinking one of these!

All you need to make a Summer Hoedown is a watermelon, a blender, and your favorite ale! Add some cherry liquor, and you’ll have a fruity drink that tastes like the best days of summer.

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