5 of the Most Beautiful Breweries You Must Visit

When it comes to Breweries and Wineries, there are some fantastic places to visit in the US. Wineries are known for being gorgeous and tasting there is usually considered glamorous. But let’s not leave breweries out of the conversation!

Some of the most notable craft breweries in the US have the most gorgeous land surrounding them and plenty of fun stuff to do. Here are some of my favorite destination breweries in the US that you MUST visit.

Sierra Nevada in Mills River, NC

Sierra Nevada got its start in Chico, California. This brewery had humble beginnings but has since grown into a craft brew powerhouse over the past 30 years.

To keep up with the East Coast demand for their product, they decided to open another Brewery in North Carolina… and boy did they impress.

Their commitment to sustainability shows in this brand new facility. They’ve taken every possible measure imaginable to keep their brewery as environmentally friendly as possible.

Additionally, they picked one of the most beautiful spots along a river to build their brewery. Taking a trip to their Mills River brewery doesn’t just mean beer. It means hiking, camping, and kayaking! They also host huge events like Beer Camp and Oktoberfest! If you get a chance, you must visit this incredible spot!

Avery in Boulder, CO

Avery is another brewery with extremely humble beginnings, but they certainly came to play. They started out by making brews in the back of an industrial park, but their gold medal-winning Stout certainly got the attention of the beer world pretty early on in their journey.

Now, Avery is a front runner for one of Boulder’s best breweries (though it’s so hard to choose just one). In 2005, Avery got a 30 million dollar dream brewery which is where they are at now.

Go tour their brewery and gorge yourself with their award winning brews!

Dogfish Head in Milton, DE

When it comes to destination breweries, Dogfish Head has an amazing spot in a gorgeous little peninsula town in Deleware. Visit this cute little town and head for the brewery for a tour. Climb up into their steampunk treehouse sculpture and then head for the tasting room. If you plan on spending the night – which you totally should – make a reservation at the Dogfish Head Inn!

Surly Brewery in Minneapolis, MN

This brewing company is situated right between the Twin Cities and has plenty to offer in terms of beer, pairings, and tours.

Surly is known for their hoppy beers and their crushable Rose brew. I highly recommend visiting this brewery if you find yourself in either of the Twin Cities!

You’ll forget you’re at a brewery once you taste their fantastic pairings.

Jester King in Austin, TX

This brewery is definitely a huge proponent of keeping Austin weird as hell. With their incredibly odd can design to their unusual ingredients (like mushrooms!) Jester King will always keep you guessing. Take the quick road trip to this brewery if you ever find yourself in the Austin area.

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