Happy Hour! Come Join Us!

Happy Hour 3-6


Monday thru Saturday
(except Holidays)
$2.75 pints & $3.00 off appetizers 
in Bar & Fireside areas.

$2.75 Pints
ALL DAY Sunday

Beard Envy brings home Silver!

Have you had the pleasure of trying "Beard Envy" Rye Brown Ale yet? This easy drinking American Brown is the brain child of our former assistant brewer, Wes. The name was inspired by our head brewers rather burly beard. Wes has since left us to expand his career at Left Hand Brewery, however; the recipe he and Alan created has recently earned us a Silver Medal at the 2014 North American Brewers Association Awards!



Unfiltered Backcountry Wheat!

Hey Backcounty Wheat fans, we’ve recently gotten feedback that this beer might be more enjoyable if it were unfiltered, so we’ve decided to experiment with a batch. If you open your beer and it’s a little cloudy, well you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to try it out. You can also come by the brewery and get a glass. Let us know what you think! Cheers!

Changes, big and small!

Backcountry Brewery has been going through a lot of changes in the past 8 months. We've added ten new 15-barrel fermenting tanks, a 30-barrel brite tank, a 6-pack bottling line, labeler and a new cooling system. These additions allow the brewery to more-than-double its production level and expand into the all-important 6-pack beer market.